Selectman Smith Running Unopposed; Planning Board Has Open Seat

The deadline to file nomination papers for the April 3 Framingham election was Tuesday at 5 p.m.

At 5:05 p.m. Tuesday, member Carol J. Spack dropped off her nomination papers to run for re-election, said assistant town clerk Lisa Ferguson. She was 5 minutes too late. Nomination papers were due by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

Ferguson, said she will double check with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office, but in her opinion Spack can not appear on the April 3 town election ballot.

If the state office concurs with the office, there wil be one incumbent, Thomas F. Mahoney, running for two seats. If Spack, still wants to run for planning board, she will need to run as a write-in candidate, said Ferguson.

Selectman Chair Jason Smith will be running unopposed for re-election. Two other indivduals took out nominations papers, but did not return them with the required 50 signatures.

There will be races for Framingham School Committee seats and Library Trustee.

Incumbents Beverly Hugo and Andy Limeri will be challenged by Heather Connolly for a three-year seat on the Framingham School Committee.

Connolly and Donald Taggart are running for a one-year seat on the School Committee, that became open when   (Nomination papers could have been taken out as early as Nov. 28.)

For Library Trustee, there are four candidates for five seats. Town Meeting members Eric Doherty (precinct 12) and George Brown (precinct 14) are running against incumbents Maria Barry, Nancy Coville Wallace and Janet Harrington. Incumbent library trustee Edward Burke took out papers, but did not return them yesterday.

If Brown and/or Doherty are elected, they wil need to resign as a Town Meeting member, said Ferguson.

Other incumbents running unoppsed are:

  • Town Moderator Ed Noonan
  • South Middlesex Regional Vocational School Committee (Keefe Technical) members James Cameau, Nelson Goldin and John H. Evans III
  • Housing Authority member Stephen Starr
  • Edgell Grove Cemetery Trustee Barbara Ford


Candidates have until Feb. 2 to withdraw from a race.

Tuesday, Feb. 7 is the last day for incumbent Town Meeting members to file written notice of their intent to run for re-electio with the Town Clerk's Office. Several precincts have changed, due to redistricting; that will require all precinct members with changed precincts to run for re-election.

Tuesday, Feb. 14 is the last day for new Town Meeting members to file nomination papers wth valid signatures of at least 25 registered voters in that precinct.

Town Election is Tuesday, April 3.

The Annual Spring Town Meeting begins  Tuesday, April 24.


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