VIDEO: Students Program Robots to Solve Maze Challenge

A dozen teams and more than 40 elementary students participated in the 2012 Robot Maze Challenge Sunday.

More than 40 students, divided into a dozen teams, participated in the 's 2012 Robot Maze Challenge Sunday at .

Elementary school students, from , and , competed this year. Each team of three, four or five students programmed their robot using a computer and then had three tries to get it through a maze designed by Steve Goldberg.

Students received bonus points this year; for example knocking over a cup or maneuvering over a block of wood.

Trophies were awarded to the teams with the fastest time through the maze, the most points and the team with the best spirit.

  • Best Time was awarded to  Technogirlz from Potter Road Elementary. Team members were Caroline Mazariegos, Devlin Van Aelstyn and Hailey Van Aelstyn. The team was coached by Meaghan Weinberg
  • Best Score was awarded to the Mega Robots/Awesome Possums of Dunning Elementary. Team members were Gabe Adler, Trey Adrian, Connor Fontano, Richa Jain and Max Troderman. The team was cached by Luke Fontano.
  • Team Spirit was awarded to the NXT Gen Creepers of Potter Road Elementary. Team members were Kevin Braganca, Philip DeStefano and Danny Quackenbush. The team was coached by Alison Quackenbush.

The elementary robotics program coordinator is Jacqui Goldberg.

Referees and timekeepers for Sunday's event were Framingham High chemistry teacher Matthew Cocoran, Walsh Middle School guidance counselor Otto Johnson, Framingham High biology teacher Robert Langdon, Fuller Middle School tech dd teacher Phil Reitz and Framingham High physics teacher Todd Witherow.

The other teams were:

  • Alien from Barbieri Elementary coached by Jose Luiz Martinez. Team members are Juan Anthony Colon, Maria Gallego, Anna Martinez and Christian Martinez.
  • Barbieri TWO coached by Bryan Alford. Team members are Khalid Alford, Josue Florian, Luis Martinez, Thomas O'Neill and Zachary Taggart.
  • Barbieri THREE coached by Mark Handy. Team members are Joey Fintonis, Jake Handy, Steven Herrera and Jon Carlos O'Neill.
  • Barbieri FOUR coached by Elizabeth Lenhertz. Team members are Aliyah Benabderrazak, Chloe Pearce and Hannah Pearce.
  • Energizer Bunnies of Potter Road Elementary coached by Kim Comatas. Team members are Samantha Bauer, Jake Comatas and Brian Hobin.
  • I-Bots from Potter Road Elementary coached by Jon Sofro. Team members are Ryan Landers, Jake Sofro and Hunter Thompson.
  • LEGO Wizards of Potter Road Elementary coached by Howie Goldberg and Mark Barnett. Team members are Issac Goldberg, Ben Oberg and John Steenbruggen.
  • NXT Maniacs of Dunning Elementary coached by Bryan Corrigan. Team members are Calvin Corrigan, James Lagodimos and Koki Nishiura.
  • Team Awesome of Potter Road Elementary coached by Carol Lyons. Team members are Gustavo Braganca, Alexander Genovese and Matthew Lyons.

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Andrea Dunne Adrian April 02, 2012 at 01:12 PM
Thanks for reporting on this wonderful event! It was so great to see the amazing things our elementary school kids can do! Way to go Dunning, with a special thanks to Luke Fontano and Bryan and Katie Corrigan.


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