Can the Celtics Beat the Miami Heat Tonight? [Poll]

Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals is tonight in Miami. Can the Celtics beat the Heat?

After Lebron James scored 45 points for the Miami Heat on Thursday to tie the Eastern Conference Finals and force game 7, the Celtics are hoping to turn it around tonight in the series' final game. 

Game 7 in Miami could be the last of the big three era for the Celtics and possibly the beginning of one for the Heat, a Yahoo Sports article said.

"For the Heat, it's a chance to play for the ring they couldn't win last year in the opening act of the Big Three era. For the Celtics, it's probably one last chance for their current core to reach the NBA's mountaintop," the article said. 

What do you think, can the Celtics beat the Heat? Vote in our poll and tell us what you think in the comments section below. 

MRS June 09, 2012 at 02:22 PM
No Boston will get no calls in miami. Heat win. That's what the NBA wants hire ratings.
Jim Rizoli June 10, 2012 at 03:20 AM
David.....Nice to see we agree on something. I believe they drag it out a long as they can so the advertisers can make their millions. A couple of missed shots here and there can make for a long series and who would know. jim@ccfiile.com
Jim Rizoli June 10, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Didn't watch....didn't even know they were playing. Time is too precious more important things to do and enjoy. Jim@ccfiile.com


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