Sophia Agostinelli

Scoring at opportune times, Sophia Agostinelli provides the offense for the Framingham girls hockey team.

Sophia Agostinelli

Class: Senior

Age: 18

High School: Framingham High

Sport: Hockey

Position: Center

Year first started competing: Freshman; played on youth teams since sixth grade

Career highlight: Scoring a hat trick this year to give Framingham its first win ever over Arlington Catholic.


As center on Framingham’s hockey team, Sophia Agostinelli is the center of attention when she is out on the ice.

At 5-10, she admits that she has presence when going up against most defensive players.

“I’m one of the biggest girls out there and I can out-muscle almost anyone,” she said. “They (opponents) know who I am and they target me and get very physical.”

So Agostinelli relies on physical and mental toughness to play her game, which is scoring goals for Framingham. “I think about the game and I actually visualize plays,” she said.

Her coach, John Gallagher, appreciates Agostinelli’s leadership. “She has scored some timely goals for us this year and accounts for a large portion of our offense,” he said.

Agostinelli had thoughts about playing division III hockey in college, but changed her mind when she received a scholarship to play Division I level lacrosse at Holy Cross in Worcester.

“Sports will always be a part of my life,” she said as she prepares for her final games of the regular season and a possible appearance in the state playoffs.



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