Contemporary McDonalds Opens on Route 30 [VIDEO]

Three months ago, the McDonalds on Route 30 in Framingham was demolished. Monday, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the new upscale, contemporary decorated McDonalds, which re-opened Friday, July 22.

In March,

Monday, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the new upscale, contemporary decorated McDonalds, which re-opened Friday, July 22.

"We're changing with the times and we never stop looking for ways to improve," said Debbie Pacheco, McDonald's Operations Consultant. 'this new McDonald's speaks to the needs of our customers and our community. We want our customers to enjoy every part of the McDonald's experience."

The all-new Cochituate Road McDonalds has side-by-side drive thru to accomodate more customers on the go. Inside, there are more outlets and free Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi extends to the parking lot, although

During yesterday's ribbon cutting and grand re-opening celebration, McDonalds presented a $500 check to the MetroWest YMCA of Framingham.

Today, July 27 between 4 and 8 p.m. this McDonalds location is offering hamburgers for 49 cents and cheeseburgers for 59 cents.


Jim Rizoli July 27, 2011 at 05:32 AM
Jim Rizoli CCFIILE.COM Oh my God what a mess! I don't know where to start. Whoever designed this place must of been on drugs or had it in with fast food. You wouldn't even think you were in a MacDonalds. Seems more like a college cafeteria. Not a warm friendly place at all. The front registers are few and the lines form who knows where. Can't wait until the winter, can you imagine plowing the parking lot that winds around around the world and is chopped up the way it is. Then there is the sign, or should I say what sign.....LOL You can hardly see it. I guess the sign by law people have gone crazy and this MacDonalds is the result of less in advertising. I guess MacDonalds is getting away from the old MacDonalds image, and settling for this cold, unappealing one. If I was MacDonalds I would really think about what went wrong with this one and try not to repeat it.
Joe Rizoli July 27, 2011 at 04:53 PM
Joe Rizoli CCFIILE.com Agreed to everything to what Jim wrote. The atmosphere is cold and certainly not friendly to children. No Ronald McDonald spirit in the place. Reminds me of a college cafeteria. The outside design certainly is not welcoming to children. I would probably name the place The Rte 30 Box. Stand in line and have an order you have to wait for?, where do you stand? The place would be chaos if a bus load of people came in at the same time.Good luck int the winter time for plowing. Where are you going to push the snow near the exit/entry area on the Rt 30 side? It is very cramped in there now for parking. The car spaces seem to be off a bit. When you back up you REALLY have to look around for clearance. To many signs to read, do not enter, enter, Very confusing for someone visiting the first time. I don't know, but I would love to see what others think. Joe Rizoli
Jim Rizoli July 27, 2011 at 06:26 PM
Jim Rizoli CCFIILE.COM I would say that this is probably the worse building project in the town in regards to looks and friendly ambiance. Imagine building a building that if you took the pitiful sign away you wouldn't even know what kind of restaurant it was. I think the designers actually sabotaged their own project.
Jen Archer July 27, 2011 at 06:31 PM
I kinda liked the old place .. I suspect all they really wanted was a better drive-thru .. the old one was always clean with fast and friendly service .. hope that remains $500 donation to the Y is pretty underwhelming .. they must net that in about 20 minutes


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