Framingham Mom Makes Salad and Pasta For 100-Member Cast

Tickets still available for tonight's and Sunday's performances with Up With People.

In 1992, Nancy Levy Silver traveled across the country and the world with Up With People, an organization that combines performing arts, community service and global education.

"It was an amazing experience," said the Framingham mother of two and registered nurse.

Silver lived with host families, performed in show-after-show and did community service all over America and the world. She said her cast was from Arizona, California, Georgia, Floria, South Dakota as well as Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

This week, 20 years after she was part of Up With People, she volunteered to make salad and Asian noodle pasta for this year's cast, in MetroWest for one week and three shows.

She first volunteered to make food for half the cast - 50 people; but the organization still needed to feed the other 50, so she agreed to feed all 100 cast members.

"What's 50 more people," joked Silver, who had help from Ken High, also of Framingham.

She made 30 pounds of Asian noodle pasta salad. The photo attached to this report, shows just some of the pasta salad she made.

About every six months, about 100 students, age 18-29 volunteer to travel around the United States and the world as part of the Up With People organization.

In each city, the students experience the culture first hand by living with local host families, doing volunteer work in the neighborhoods and then performing shows. The show features fast paced choreography and music, including original tunes.  Music, from all eras, ranges from ballads to rock to hip hop.

The group, staying in MetroWest for just one week, had its first show yesterday at Lincoln-Sudbury High School. There is a show tonight, Sept. 14 at 7:30 at Concord-Carlisle Regional High and two shows on Sunday (2 and 6 p.m.) at Concord-Carlisle High. Tickets are $15 students and seniors, $20 adults, $25 at the door. There is a  $60 Family 4-Pack (2 adults/ 2 students). Proceeds from the shows, after expenses, will be donated to the beneficiary, the Parent Teacher Groups. Purchase tickets at: www.upwithpeople.org/Concord.

On Saturday, the cast will explore MetroWest with their host families.

While in MetroWest this week, the cast held anti-bullying workshops at middle and high schools, built trails at Walden Pond and lent a hand to Habitat for Humanity.

Following shows in Massachusetts, the cast travels to Taiwan, the Philippines and Mexico.


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